Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases arise out of the negligence of another. The goal of these cases is to make a person whole after an injury. While we cannot turn back time and prevent the injury, we can attempt to lessen the impact of this injury on a person’s life by making sure the finances are taken care of. A personal injury lawyer focuses on the money side of things while the injured focuses on the important job of getting healthy. At our law firm, we will fight to recover all your damages and get back to as whole as possible.

Some common injuries we see are caused by the following accidents:

These injuries can be life-changing experiences. Suddenly a routine trip to the grocery store or a drive home from work leaves a person with permanent injuries. A qualified personal injury attorney can help answer any questions you may have during this time and be a strong ally in your corner.

This ally will prove invaluable when it is time to deal with the insurance company. Some people try to handle a case on their own, thinking it is not worth the attorney fee and thinking that they will be treated fairly by the insurance company. What the find, however, is the insurance adjuster will drag their feet, then pressure them into accepting a low-ball offer that doesn’t come close to fully compensating the injured person. They know that if they wait long enough, the injured will become desperate. A personal injury attorney can force the insurance company to the negotiating table and move the process along as quickly as possible.


Another hazard of trying to negotiate on your own is that an injured person often doesn’t really know the fair value of their injury or know exactly what their damages are. Because you only get one chance to settle or try a case, you need to be sure that the money you receive pays not only for treatment you’ve had but any treatment you may need in the future. The insurance adjuster sees these injuries every day and knows exactly what is “fair.” They know their settlement offers won’t cover your future treatment, but that is how insurance companies make money. They intentionally frustrate the injured and pressure them in order to increase their bottom line. An Illinois personal injury also sees these injuries every day and knows how to properly value them. This way, you can be sure you aren’t leaving money on the table or accepting less than is fair.

At our Law Firm, we work to be more than just an attorney for our clients. We treat each client like friends or family, building trust and constantly communicating with our clients. We are not a typical law office; we keep our office casual and friendly. But make no mistake – we are aggressive fighters when it comes to getting our clients the money they need. A good personal injury attorney can be a great ally in your corner and we take pride in being that ally for our clients.