Wrongful Death

One of the most devastating experiences a family can go through is the death of a loved one. This death is made all the more difficult when it is caused by the negligence of another. If you have suffered the loss of a close loved one to an accident or injury, you need an experienced Carbondale wrongful death attorney to help you through this difficult time.

While money is likely the last thing on a family’s mind after the unexpected death of a loved one, it is necessary to think about. Whether the loved one was the sole breadwinner for a family or whether that spouse was a homemaker who looked after the children and took care of the home, their death has left a gaping hole that can never be filled. Money will never bring that person back, but it is the only available remedy under the law.

Wrongful deaths commonly occur from the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Medical malpractice

An attorney can be helpful during this time because they can focus on the task of full compensation while the family focuses on putting their lives back together. Instead of wrangling with the insurance company and adding more stress to an already difficult time, the wrongful death attorney can deal with the adjuster while the family attempts to overcome the loss of a loved one. Their advice and guidance can prove invaluable during this period.

A Carbondale wrongful death lawyer can also help achieve a fair outcome for the death of that family member. Obviously the loved one is priceless and their death will never be made whole through money, but a wrongful death lawyer will know how to prove economic loss and emotional suffering to come to a fair settlement or verdict amount.

By working with experts such as economists, psychologists, and other experts in their respective field, they can put a number on lost wages, loss of comfort, loss of consortium, and other damages that can be difficult to evaluate. This way, you can be sure you are getting a fair amount for their death and not accepting an insufficient offer just to get this process over with. You need to be fairly compensated for your loss, and the Carbondale wrongful death lawyers at our law firm will fight to get you every penny you deserve.

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time and we understand that a lawsuit is not something you want to go through. Our office is here to provide compassionate support and help you through this grieving process. Aside from just money, it can be very cathartic for a family to have the party responsible for their loved one’s death held responsible in a court of law. In some accidents, there is no criminal element so they can’t be found “guilty” of any crimes. Through the civil justice system, the responsible parties can be held accountable and allow the family to get some closure.

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